90 min small group clinic 

Half day camp (9am – 12pm) or (12pm – 3pm)

Full day camp (9am – 3pm)

Turtle Island Lacrosse training focuses on the basic fundamentals and mechanics of passing, catching and shooting that will allow players to become more comfortable as we work in the fundamentals of pick and rolls and other game like situations. After fundamentals are established our main focus is on developing players skills and IQ that will be needed to compete at the next level. Working on different shooting/passing techniques that will help players take their game to another level.


  • Smaller group training 7.5 to 1 player: coach ratio
  • More time for players to work with coaches
  • Pick and rolls (including all basic pick and roll packages as well as higher-level sets like East/West picks, bee stings, slip picks, seals and pick repick)
  • Higher-level shooting (twisters, floater, hook backs, back hands, etc)
  • Footwork
  • Basic mechanics of passing and catching. Stationary passing and catching, moving to passing and catching on the run when player is comfortable, quick stick passing
  • Catch and shooting, on the run, quick release practice, in tight catching and shooting- faking
  • Ball control and cradling